Samantha Lane, ACC 

My Own Experience With Coaching

I first reached out to a professional coach when I was in need of a sounding board and accountability partner to uncover my true desires for my career and environments.  With the assistance of a coach, I was able to have much more momentum and ACTION than I would have trying to sort through all the steps on my own.  I fell in love with coaching and made it my mission to support others in designing their best life. 

Core Values.png

Lumina is guided by the following Ten Principles.  It is my commitment to myself, my clients, and every person I interact with to let these ideas illuminate my work, decisions, and actions. 

  1. Always Strengths-Based
  2. Live Each Day in Gratitude
  3. High(er) Expectations
  4. Be The Best Version of Yourself
  5. Customized and Individualized
  6. Create a Meaningful Space for Exploration
  7. Make Wellness A Priority
  8. Be A Leader
  9. Never Stop Learning
  10. Celebrate!