Environmental Wellness

Raise your hand if you made your bed this morning!?
Raise your hand if you have space on your desk for your coffee and know what all of those papers are for!?
….raise your hand if neither of those are true but you made it to work in one piece…? =)

I could go on and on quizzing you about the different spaces in our lives…but really the heart of what I want to emphasize is the importance of


Last month, we learned about Emotional Wellness. That dimension can often be right up in our faces telling us we’re feeling elated or disappointed and everything in between. Environmental wellness is a bit more subtle - but just as groundbreaking and life changing - to be in control of. Maybe you’re doing so much work to find that balance for your emotional health, but if you’ve hit a plateau, then it’s very likely your space is not set up in a way to support your breakthrough to another level of health. 

So what’s this all about? Perhaps it sounds so obvious, but it’s about making your best effort to set up your environments to work FOR you…not against you.

“Whatever is going on in your life good or bad – mimics or mirrors how you’re living in your space.” Robyn Stevens

When we think about how much time we spend in our homes and offices, and how easily we take on the energy of our environments, it’s a wonder this isn’t more top of mind! Think about when you walk into a stadium for a big game – the energy excites you and gets you pumped for the competition about to begin.  Or why is it that we’re so attracted to luxurious spa experiences? When we are welcomed in to the inviting décor and plush amenities it immediately oozes serenity.   

You have the opportunity to create a space that supports you. This is within your control! Let me say that again…. It is within your control - and it is critical to your balance and wellness – to ensure that your environments support you.

Does it seem far-fetched that by taking responsibility – for instance removing clutter in your bedroom or office – could completely change the trajectory of your life? It’s certainly worth taking a closer look! I know when I first set up my home office a few months back my productivity and mental clarity sky rocketed after I took the time to put everything in its proper place and donate or throw away unnecessary items.  I could go to my desk….and actually work, rather than be mentally pulled in several directions before I even made my first call. If you want more insight and motivation on the practice of simplicity, check out the book Essentialism by Greg Mckeown. Total kick in the pants to design the life that really works, for you.

We all know what the hardest part is…choosing to do it. Taking that first step. Once you start it, it’s energizing!  Recently, a family member of mine spent a couple hours organizing his closet and found things he didn’t know he had; items that are treasures to him but because it was disorganized, he didn’t even know they were there. These touchstones of the past reminded him of wonderful times…for example a card from his wife, or a picture of his children when they were young. If the closet had stayed disorganized, they might as well have not been there. He also discarded broken or outdated items he would never use and were simply taking up room.

When he was done organizing, he experienced the welcome relief of walking into a space that brings joy. Knowing things are where they “should” be – where HE decided where to be placed that would most support his wellness.

The space is being utilized to its maximum, and it’s a beautiful thing.  That one small shift will bring energy day-after-day because it’s a space he goes to day-after-day. 

Imagine your life like a phone battery.  So many things around us deplete our energy. Now, this closet, and the way he’s organized it is FOR him. It supports his day and wellness so a little less energy is depleted, and he has more energy and attention to the other things that fill his day.  Allow your environment to not be an energy drain, but to boost up your clarity, energy, and positivity.

If you need advice on where to start.

Here are the recommendations from Feng Shui expert Robyn Stevens

1)   Remove clutter (leads to mental clutter)

2)   Get rid of or fix broken items (you are whole and well and deserve to be surrounded by items that reflect that)

3)  Remove past items with a negative history (these could be keeping you in the past and a barrier to welcoming opportunities that are more aligned with your wellness)

I love how Robyn describes, “I used to be the messy person… I don’t live there anymore – but visit occasionally.”

Many of us want to tackle our shared spaces first where people see. But actually, tackling spaces in the bedroom that you utilize the most are going to give you the most bang for you buck. Your nightstand, for instance, is a great place to start, today.  Discard, clean, organize, and create the space that works for you. You’ve got this.