The life you're meant to be living is up to YOU to design...why wait?! 


Curious if you’re a good fit for coaching? Listen to this brief interview where I discuss features of a “typical” client, aspects of the coaching process, feedback from clients, and a bit about my background.

Professional Coaching  is a partnership with the coach (me) supporting the coachee (you) in taking action to achieve your goals.

Why work with a coach?

There are countless reasons people seek out coaching....

  • You're transitioning careers

  • You want more out of your current career

  • You're retiring or thinking of retirement

  • You need work life and family life to be in better harmony

  • You're seeking healthier relationships

  • You want to move on from a past relationship

  • You want to increase your confidence

  • You need to make a decision around a certain situation or ongoing issue

  • You want to make a lifestyle change or create healthier habits

  • You have a new or ongoing fitness/health goal

  • You've been in a "rut" or a "fog" for too long and want out

  • You want greater clarity in your life's purpose and vision

The list goes on and on!

In all coaching partnerships - no matter your starting point - you'll have ACCOUNTABILITY to achieve your goals with greater efficiency and clarity. Uncover the obstacles and self-imposed limitations that get in your way.  Perhaps you have a particular goal you're moving towards and need added accountability of coaching sessions to keep the momentum?  Perhaps you have a dream or something big in mind, but have absolutely no idea where to start?  

I will meet you where you're at, create a safe place for you to explore and discover, and assist you in taking steps in the direction you want to go.  

Your Life. Your Agenda.