Words to Celebrate!

First Year Teacher


Business Owner - Sole Proprietor 

Coaching was valuable to have someone completely unbiased  - not family – not coworkers. The partnership was empowering!" -- AD

“Better interaction with my clients and staff has been the greatest benefit. As an event planner and studio director, I interact with hundreds of people each week. I'm constantly providing customer service, so improving even a few of those has a ripple effect that means higher quality events and better business. I look forward to our sessions because sometimes I'm not even sure of the ways I've derailed. Our sessions always help me get back on track because we work through specifics for dealing with everyday challenges (personal and professional).

Sam’s greatest strength is a balance between logic and emotional empathy. Another part is she's very calm - in moments of crisis she puts me at ease. I'm then able to manage my challenges and really think and walk through them."--JH

Business Owner/Lawyer

"Sam's greatest strength is the way she mirrors the client and allows the client to come to their own conclusions regarding deficiencies and areas of need. Her methods allow the client to identify issues in a non-judgmental fashion." -- MG

I really appreciated the feedback and how she would listen and interpret how I was reacting to certain situations. It was almost like having a mirror for your reactions. Sometimes just having an honest, outside person reflect back on what you just said can give you so many great insights. Also, I really loved how it was so action-focused. That's another element I really needed in order to get my business off the ground."-- RR

Professional Personally Affected By Tough Work Relationships

“As my coach, Sam helped me with clarity. My professional relationships were muddled and in jeopardy; with coaching I was able to sift through the emotions and let go of the assumptions that weighed down all of my experiences. Coaching with Sam started with a very specific purpose, and soon I realized that my progress was not only applicable towards my goal, but also towards other aspects of my life." --KR